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FREE Dewpoint Calculator - For Trace Moisture Measurements in Gases & Air

The Dew Point Calculator will inter convert between various units of measurement. To use, just enter a number in either one of the two dewpoint values, selecting appropriate units, or one of the four absolute values before pressing the calculate button. 'Line Pressure' and 'Gas Type' are only required as inputs if the 'dewpoint at line pressure' or 'ppm(w)' are to be used/calculated.

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 Dewpoint Values
Dewpoint at Atmospheric Pressure:  
Dewpoint at Line Pressure:  



 Absolute Values

Parts per million by volume:    ppm(v)
Parts per million by weight:    ppm(w)
Absolute humidity:    g/m³


 Optional Inputs
Gas Type:   of molecular weight
Line pressure:  



PLEASE NOTE: Whilst every effort has been made by Alpha Moisture Systems, to ensure that the calculations derived by the moisture calculator are correct, it assumes no responsibility for any errors. In no event shall Alpha Moisture Systems be liable for any damages whatsoever, arising from or relating to information contained in this site.


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