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Portable Sample System for SADPmini2

Introducing the NEW PSS Portable Sample System.

PSS Portable Sample System for SADPmini2.jpg

The recently launched New PSS Portable Sample System, specifically designed for the fast connection of one sample line and the SADPmini2, SADPmini2-Ex dewpoint meters, also legacy models SADPmini, SADPminiEx, will condition and regulate pressurised gas samples up to 200barg ready for rapid dewpoint (moisture content) measurements in most gases and dry compressed air.

With a simple easy access docking arrangement, this PSS Sample System comes with a choice of sample connections, an optional particle filter with easy access for cartridge replacement, a pressure regulator, or needle valve, together with an integrated sample flow indicator 2-20ltrs, and 2m stainless steel braided PTFE sample hose as an option. Compact, portable, light weight, rugged and easy to use.

Manufactured in rugged 304 stainless steel, all wetted parts are in 316 stainless steel and contained in a hard-wearing anti-static carry bag that includes internal storage pockets, shoulder strap and carry handle. The unit is lightweight, very sturdy and is built for typical field use using only high quality components.

The PSS Portable Sample System has no stored energy components, or any possible source of ignition, therefore can safely be used, with SADPmini-Ex or SADPmini2-Ex, in hazardous environments.

Simply connect the sample line, regulate the pressure, and flow through the dewpoint meter for rapid accurate dewpoint measurements.

Here are just some of the industries where the PSS Sample System are currently used:

  • Natural gas production and distribution
  • Petrochemical production
  • Power generation and distribution
  • Industrial process gases
  • Laboratory and research

PSS Portable Sample System PDF
SADPmini2 datasheet PDF
SADPmini2-Ex comparison chart PDF
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