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SADPmini2 Dew Point
Meter, Standard or Logging, NON Ex

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   SADP Dew Point Hygrometer
The Portable Sample System for SADPmini2 & SADPmini2-Ex

See Datasheet for more details

SADP Dew Point HygrometerSADP Dew Point Hygrometer
SADPµ Dew Point Hygrometer - Analog and Digital Display

DSP-Rm Mains Rechageable Dewpoint Hygrometer.

DSP-FCI Dew Point Hygrometer with sample flow control.

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SADPmini2-Ex Intrinsically Safe Portable Dew Point Meter

SADPmini2-Ex Intrinsically Safe Portable Dew Point Meter

NEW SADPmini2-Ex Hand Held Dew point Meter.jpg
  • ATEX, CULUS Listed and IECEx certified.
  • II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (-20ºC ≤ Ta ≤ +50ºC)
    II 2D Ex ia IIIB T60ºC T5080ºC Db (-20ºC ≤ Ta ≤ +50ºC)
    Class 1 Div 1 Groups A, B, C and D.
    -20ºC < Ta < +50ºC
     Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (-20ºC ≤ Ta ≤ +50ºC)
    Ex ia IIIB T60ºC T5080ºC Db (-20ºC ≤ Ta ≤ +50ºC)
  • Automatic Calibration Included Various Ranges available between -110ºC to +20ºC (-166ºF to +68ºF) dewpoint
  • Adjustment feature for pressure calculation
  • Bluetooth and/or USB connection
  • Change language to English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese or Korean.
  • Removeable micro SD memory card
  • Full access to PC User Tool Software
  • Logging up to 300,000 data points
  • Li-ion Battery - Up to 150 hours use on a single charge
  • Colour LCD graphical display
  • Use with PSS Portable Sample System and BTP01 Bluetooth Printer
  • Eco mode function to extend rechargeable Battery/Cell life.
  • Use for spot checking measurements or short term continuous use.
  • Factory calibrations traceable to National and International standards
  • Selectable units in ºC and ºF dewpoint, ppm(v), ppm(w), mg/m3 or lb/MMSCF
  • 2 years warranty
  • Fits comfortably and securely in one hand.

The Model SADPmini-Ex has now been superseded by the greatly improved SADPmini2-Ex hand held dewpoint meter. With the redesigned sample chamber, new advanced software and PC/Laptop User Tool, the SADPmini2-Ex dewpoint meter sets a new standard. Download the new datasheet for full specification here.

Utilising the same proven reliability and stability of the ultra-high capacitance aluminium oxide dew point sensor technology, and now with a reduced size stainless steel sample dry-down chamber, the instrument offers improved sensitivity, accuracy, speed of response and repeatability.

The SADPmini2-Ex is ATEX / IECEx certified and cULus listed, rugged, lightweight and rated to IP66 (NEMA4X). It is ideal for measuring dewpoint or moisture concentrate in areas where there is a potential flammability hazard. This dewpoint meter also comes with an anti-static carry bag with adjustable shoulder strap as standard.

The additional functions and features added to the SADPmini2-Ex include: Bluetooth communications to a PC/Laptop or to our Bluetooth Printer BTP01, USB connectivity, a sophisticated User Tool Software to ultimately change any configurations and settings for upload to the instrument. A full colour clear LCD graphic display shows measurements in two independent units simultaneously, together with an analogue scale of the main unit. A mobile/cell app specific to the SADPmini2-Ex and SADPmini2-Logger models is also available.

A function to take a screen shot (picture) of the real-time graphical display, and either save it to the on-board removeable micro SD card for future reference, or print it wirelessly to the BTP01 Bluetooth Printer, is a very useful feature on this instrument.

The recently introduced PSS Portable Sampling System, with anti-static carry bag, has been specifically designed to accommodate the New SADPmini2-Ex and the SADPmini2 dewpoint analysers.

See the comparison chart pdf below for more functions and features.

SADPmini2-Ex datasheet PDF
SADPmini2-Ex comparison chart PDF
PSS Portable Sample System PDF
(requires Adobe acrobat)

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