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Portable Dew Point Products

Intrinsically Safe Digital Hygrometer

  • Various Ranges: Overall Range -110C to +20C Dewpoint
  • Intrinsically Safe - ATEX II 1G:
    Ex ia IIC T4 (Ta -20ºC to 37ºC)
    Ex ia IIC T4 (Ta -20ºC to 37ºC)
  • Digital Indication in C or F
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Guaranteed Accuracy 2C Dewpoint
  • Dry-Down Chamber for Rapid Readings
  • Battery Operated by Standard 'C' Type Batteries

Model SADPµ-D Dewpoint Meter, the world's leading hygrometer, is now manufactured by Alpha Moisture Systems under a licensing agreement from SHAW.

Through application of advanced microprocessor electronics, the original work-horse of industrial hygrometry for over 25 years has been brought up to date for the millennium.

Designed to operate at atmospheric pressure, the Model SADPµ-D is available in various ranges. The clear 3½ digit LCD offers display in either ºC or ºF dewpoint. Model SADPµ-D is fully self contained and is certified intrinsically safe for use in hazardous environments to ATEX II 1G.

The unit is supplied ready for use with batteries installed, calibration certificate traceable to National and International Humidity Standards, two metres of PTFE sampling hose, instruction manual and a specially designed heavy duty leather case with shoulder strap for use in hazardous areas.

SADPµ.pdf data sheet
(requires Adobe acrobat)

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