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Intrinsically Safe Dew Point Meter and
Dew Point transmitter products

portable dewpoint meter
DSP-Ex dew point meter with Intrinsic Safety

dewpoint sensor
AMT-Ex Intrinsically Safe Dew Point Transmitter

model 6020
Model 6020 Dewpoint Hygrometer for gas and compressed air

inline dewpoint hygrometer
Model DS1200 In-Line Dew Point Hygrometers

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Dewpoint Meters, Hygrometers and Moisture Meters for Industry

Welcome to the website. Here you will find information on dew point meter, dew point transmitter and hygrometer instruments within our dewpoint instrument ranges. Our products include Portable and hand held dewpoint meters, Online Dew Point Hygrometers, as well as Dew Point Transmitters


SADPmini2-Ex Dewpoint Meter Standard, Logging and Ex

Auto Calibration

Dual Unit Colour Display

10 Languages

Option for Bluetooth Printing

See Data on Mobile App

SD Memory Card

Up to 150 hours use on a single charge

Powerful PC User-Tool Software

2 Year Warranty
SADPmini2 Hand Held Dew-Point Meter




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Model DS2000 Single Channel Dew Point Hygrometer

  • Advanced functionality with user-friendly design
  • Accuracy ±2°C Dewpoint
  • Automatic Calibration
  • RS485 serial communications
  • 2 Independent, fully programmable alarm relays

Portable dew point meters
SADP dew point meter - analogueSADP dew point meter -  digital
SADPµ Dew Point Hygrometer - Analog and Digital Display

The SHAW automatic dew point meter - the original workhorse of industrial trace moisture and dewpoint measurement.

Model PDT Dewpoint Transmitter - A Low Cost Solution: new PDT dewpoint transmitter

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